September 14, 2018 Top 4 Effects of Working While Studying

Top 4 Effects of Working While Studying

Many people often find a part-time job whilst studying. With the cost of University being so high, students are often struggling for money. Something needs to fund those nights out! However many students end up prioritizing their money and social life over studying.

There are lots of disadvantages of working while studying that often impact the results of coursework and exams at University. Although part-time work is very tempting, it can often take over any spare time you have outside of studying.

Less Time to Study

Part-time work can take up a lot of time in a week. At university, particularly in the second and third year, a lot of this time should be spent studying. If students have jobs, they often don’t have as much time as needed to work on assignments and revise. When important assignments and exams are approaching, you should never prioritise working and making money for your studies. You will more than likely regret this in the future if you don’t get the results you wanted or needed. Any spare time is precious when studying and the students that are most likely to succeed are the students that use their spare time to study instead of working.


Stress is common amongst students particularly in busy periods of the academic year like assessment periods. Part-time work can add extra stress which is not needed or ideal when a student is already stressed about exams and assignments. Adding a job to your busy schedule will increase anxiety and stress which is not ideal. Stress is definitely a disadvantage of working while studying if you can’t manage your time effectively and not be impacted by your busy and stressful schedule. At busy periods throughout your time studying it is recommended to quit your job or at least lower your hours of working to help you focus on studying.

No Spare Time

When studying most of your time is spent attending lectures and classes and studying outside of this. When you add in normal life activities like eating, sleeping and doing laundry, there is not much time left. With the time left, it is advised to spend this socializing, relaxing or exercising. By getting a job and working while studying, you will become very busy and your free time will start to disappear. Whether you choose to work or not, it is great to try and schedule social activities to help relieve stress and keep you happy. This could include meeting up with friends, going to the gym or simply spending the watching TV. If you are spending a lot of time studying, it is important to have some time to de-stress, relax and recharge. If you do not have this time because you are too busy working a part-time job, you will become very stressed out and this can affect your studies.

Tired and Overworked

Studying for a degree alone can be very tiring. To achieve high grades and organize workloads whilst having a social life can be difficult and tiring. When students work alongside their studies, it makes them become fatigued and overworked. This can have an impact on a students performance when taking exams or completing assignments. This can result in serious impacts on the overall performance and results of a degree that could potentially be life-changing.

Although having a part-time job and working whilst studying does have its advantages, a lot of these are only temporary advantages such as having more money. Whereas the negative, disadvantages that arise from working can have long-term effects, impacting results and your future. It is important to weigh up the pros and cons and make sure you know if you are capable of successfully managing your time to successfully work and study.

Above article credit to Mike Taylor



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