September 16, 2018 Top 10 German Universities for Indian Students

Top 10 German Universities for Indian Students

As per the latest reports, the numbers of Indian students in German Universities have doubled in the last 5 years. Germany has emerged as one amongst the most popular EU nations amongst Indian students for Overseas Studies. Located in the central region of Western Europe, the nation has one of the best infrastructures for education globally. It is considered as one among the leading nations for specialization in Technology, as quoted by the Hindustan Education.

Top Ranked German Universities for Indian Students

1. RWTH Aachen
2. TU Chemnitz
3. University of Duisburg-Essen
4. University of Magdeburg
5. FH Rhein-Waal
6. TU M√ľnchen
7. TU Darmstadt
8. TU Kaiserslautern
9. University of Stuttgart
10. TU Dresden

German Universities offer classical higher education to Indian students. This is highly demanded in technical sectors. Engineers, Architects, Builders, and Electricians who obtain Diploma in Germany can get a job in any EU nation or the US.

Indian Students in Germany also have the option to work while studying in any one of the local firms. They can also avail the chance to remain in Germany as full-time workers legally.

Studying in Germany is becoming increasingly popular nowadays owing to the credit transfer system of Bologna applied by German Universities. It makes possible to continue studies in Germany after beginning at home nation.
Germany is also popular for Overseas Studies owing to the professional teaching staff, advanced methods of teaching and excellent level of graduates. It is also possible to get admission without admission tests and no charge.

However, studying free in Germany has one condition. It is available only in German and all education programs in English are paid. However, the cost is truly reasonable. This is because a Diploma secured in Germany has the potential to assure a promising Overseas Career.

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